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Advantages of Starting a Preschool

Starting a preschool is one of the many profitable business options available today. Being an education related venture, its disadvantages outnumber its advantages. While evaluating the prospects of the business, it is helpful to have a thorough understanding of the advantages beforehand. Some of the advantages are discussed in detail for providing a clear understanding of the current scenario.

One of the foremost advantages of starting a preschool is satisfaction of providing strong foundation to kids. Parents enroll their kids in preschool with a belief that their child will learn and acquire skills under the supervision of trained professionals. Thus, providing skilled professionals in preschools for the benefit of students gives a strong feeling of satisfaction.

Business wise, this is an easy to establish business. It involves seeking limited legal permissions and investment cost is very low. Once established, it needs a constant focus and dedication but it is comparatively easier to be managed in comparison to other business processes. Now, with the advent of franchise model, it has become much easier for an entrepreneur to start a preschool.

In a franchise model, the franchisor provides the franchise with all the facilities and resources required to start a preschool. Franchise needs to possess a land space that can either be owned or rented and some money to be invested in infrastructure and preschool materials. All the support is provided by the franchisor within the outlined budget only. Hence, unlike other businesses, one need not spend loads of money to research and then purchase quality materials and equipments.

Having low entry barriers also makes this a lucrative business opportunity. According to several recent reports conducted by different bodies, the number of children eligible to be admitted to school is much higher in comparison to the seats available in the running preschools. Hence, scope is high to establish your own preschool in India.

Recently, with more and more advancements in education industry and reforms from the Indian government, establishing and running a preschool business has become a profitable business. In contrast to higher schools that are non-profit organizations, preschools are a for-profit organization. However, government is planning to keep the profits under control for the benefits of the parents and making education accessible for all.

As the importance of education is being understood by masses, the parents’ community is interested in providing quality education to their children. The concept to preschools is also pacing up. Moreover, the working parents who are always running short of time to teach their kids find preschool to be a better option. This is so because, the children get due attention from their teachers, learn different skills and are benefited by day-care facilities. Providing day care facilities bring more income in same budget only.

Even the high profile venture capitals seem all charged up to invest money in education sector via preschool business. Hence, with so much scope to penetrate and expand, starting a preschool is no doubt a profitable business with low investment and high return on investment.

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