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Chris athey theory of play Curriculum in India


chris athey schema theory

Schema research was first developed by Chris Athey in the 1970’s. Building on constructivist theory and the work of Piaget, Athey investigated the development of knowledge. Piaget cited by Athey states that at every stage, a child assimilates perceived content to cognitive structures, learning through active participation. Athey defined these cognitive structures or schemas as:A pattern of repeatable behaviour into which experiences are assimilated and than gradually coordinated.

This research indicates that there is a distinct possibility that young children who flit do so in order to follow their dominant schema and not because they have an inability to persist at an activity. To label them as immature or unable to concentrate is to do them a disservice. It could even be that a lack of schema understanding and observation has meant that the setting environment has no activities specifically designed to extend their schema based learning and the child has to flit to feed their quest for knowledge, the approach can capitalise on a child’s natural desire to explore different schemas at different times and to maximise the chances to extend a child’s learning in a way that is both positive and engaging.


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