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Curriculum Development Process

Curriculum development process is a complex process that includes detailed planning and implementation of the educational techniques, especially for the preschoolers. As their minds are soft, the curriculum is structured in such a way that enhances their basic skills. Moreover, this is not an easy task; it involves deep coordination and teamwork. The team includes practising teachers, industry professionals, publishers and preschool curriculum experts as well.

Curriculum development process entails basic four phases as discussed in the next paragraphs.

The first phase – Curriculum shaping, entails planning on curriculum design and writing guidelines. It provides information about the learning area to be dealt with and purpose of its inclusion in the curriculum. It highlights how inclusion of a given learning area is beneficial in the education. It outlines what content organisers and teaching aids will be used while covering the learning area in the class.

The second phase – Curriculum writing, produces the actual content of the curriculum as planned in the previous phase. At the end of this phase, the participating teachers and the respective school authorities are presented with the finalized preschool curriculum. They are guided to go through the contents in detail and provide with their feedback based on experience and intellect. After their consultation, the suggested changes are incorporated in the final document.

The third phase – Curriculum implementation, involves actual implementation of what is planned and finalized in the previous phases. The school authorities are held responsible for finalizing the schedule to meet the set guidelines and their respective outcomes. They are also held responsible for arranging the necessary teaching aids required to deliver the sessions in the class. During this phase, the practising teachers collect their reviews and feedback and present the list of issues to be addressed to the school authorities for their consideration.

The fourth phase – Curriculum evaluation and review, involves timely review of the issues and problems faced by the teachers and the school authorities. The participating teachers and the authorities arrange for the meetings, discuss the issues and come out with possible solutions to the problems raised. The summaries of the meetings and the conclusions are presented to the Board authorities for their further consideration and due action.

The curriculum development process is a perfect example of team work. It can never be accomplished by a single individual. The constituting team includes advisors, practising teachers, writers (or say project managers), school authorities and Board members. Each member has its own role to play in the team. Once the curriculum is finalised at a national level it can be compared with its international counterparts for further enhancements and polishing. On completion of the curriculum development, the documents are then shared with all the member schools of the Board to be followed in the respective preschools.

However, it is always advised to take service from a professional preschool curriculum consultant, if the preschools a new brand. In case, it is a franchise then the curriculum development is taken care of by the franchisor only.

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