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Developmentally appropriate practice (DAP) curriculum teaching methods

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In present-day Japan, early childhood care and education is based on the development of human relationships in a group and those that are child-oriented, here various forms are well blended and combined.“THEORY OF THREE ACTIVITIES IN SCHOOL” is in use as something that continues the legacy of group-based early childhood education while taking a broad range of matters into consideration.The content is divided into three layers for teaching purposes.

The first – “life that serves as the base,” which concerns the child’s ordinary day to day life, and constitutes free flow play  and educational guidance and leads to the foundation for daily life.

The second layer- “central activity,” involves a game or play that is central to the child’s life at every period in preschool and early childhood  and is extracted and re-constructed. The third layer- “systematized learning activities” includes concepts of numbers, volume, and geometry, language, letters, plastic arts, and music.

While the three layers are considerably different in terms of how the teaching should be or how the child’s activities are organized, they are not deployed as completely separate things, the activities are categorized into “play,” “assignments,” and “work,” and are conducted during separated time slots but interlinked to the serve the purpose.

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