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Forest school Preschool curriculum in India

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Forest school, is a outdoor education delivery model in which children (or adults) visit natural spaces to learn personal, social and technical skills, it is both a pedagogy and a physical entity.It has been defined as “an inspirational process that offers children, young people and adults regular opportunities to achieve and develop confidence through hands-on learning in a woodland environment”.

Forest school uses the woods and forests as a means to build independence and self esteem in children and young adults.Topics are cross-curriculum including the natural environment. However, the personal skills are considered highly valuable, such as teamwork and problem solving ,they also learn abstract concepts such as mathematics and communication.
Their main goal in primary age children includes encouraging curiosity and exploration with all of the senses, empowering children in the natural environment, and encouraging spatial awareness and motor development. The children from forest school have been described as more relaxed, here relationships between the children, adults, and with the environment, are important. Forest schools have been found to help children with additional support needs, including Attention-deficit hyperactivity disorder and autistic children.

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