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Learning through play curriculum

Play-based Curriculum custom lesson plans curriculum in India

Free play and guided play, together known as playful learning are pedagogical tools through which children can learn in joyful and conceptually rich ways.Play is often defined as activity done for its own sake, characterized by means rather than ends (the process is more important than any end point or goal), flexibility (objects are put in new combinations or roles are acted out in new ways), and positive affect (children often smile, laugh, and say they enjoy it).

The president of the American Association for the Child’s Right to Play and professor at Hofstra University, Dr. Rhonda Clements, says, “It is important to maintain a healthy sense of play throughout childhood” Our complex society requires clear thinkers, playful attitudes, humour and creativity for complex problem solving.”

Not only does play help children grow and develop but also starts a lifelong love of learning, but the healthy play that you support today helps prepare children for the world that they will work, play, and learn in as adults. Guided play helps children learn to solve problems, persist through challenges, build vocabulary skills, and gain background knowledge in many content areas

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