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Howard gardner and multiple intelligence theory

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Howard gardner and multiple intelligence theory,

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The theory of multiple intelligences, by psychologist Howard Gardner states that individuals possess eight or more relatively autonomous intelligences, these include linguistic, logical-mathematical, spatial, musical, bodily, naturalistic, interpersonal and intrapersonal intelligence.

One common misconception about multiple intelligences is that it means the same thing as learning styles. Instead, multiple intelligences represents different intellectual abilities.

Multiple intelligence activities for preschoolers :

Learning styles, according to Howard Gardner, are the ways in which an individual approaches a range of tasks. They have been categorized in a number of ways — visual, auditory, and kinesthetic, impulsive and reflective, right brain and left brain, etc. He phrases the idea of learning styles as “a hypothesis of how an individual approaches a range of materials.”As an educator, it is useful to think about the different ways that information can be presented and intelligence used.

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