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Playground Equipment – Keeping Child Safety in Mind

Playground is an essential activity area for the children, especially the preschoolers. It is a place where they learn not only the motor skills but social and behavioral etiquette as well.

Starting from the toddler’s age until the age of a young man, their most of the time is spent while playing and toiling in the playground. This makes ‘safety’ a subject of dire importance for the parents.

Therefore, let us check out how the parents (along with the children), can ensure that the time spent playing with playground equipments, goes fine.

Some of the essential playground-equipment safety tips include:

  1. Parents should visit the playground before allowing the children to play in that area. They should inspect the area for safety and security of the children. The playing zone should be visible from distance and children should always play under adult supervision.
  2. Various equipments are installed in playgrounds catering to the wants and needs of children of different age groups. Children should be allowed to play with the playing equipments that are matching to their particular age group only. The height of the equipments is planned proportionate to the approximate height and weight of children of a given age group.
  3. Check the playground equipments such as swings and slides before mounting on them. They should not have broken edges. No broken metal pieces should be protruding out. Swings may get hot during the summer season and wet during the rainy season. Check the temperature of the surface before mounting. Playing with broken or slippery equipments poses higher risks of being injured.
  4. Make sure that children wear appropriate clothes while playing in playground. Clothes with extra length or flowing material are a big NO. In addition to this, the children, especially girls, should wear minimal possible accessories while playing. The children may be strangled.
  5. Ensure that no obstructions such as bags, backpacks, etc. are present around the playing equipments. Their presence increases the chances of head and arm injury. Parents should advise children to keep their belongings at a safer distance.
  6. Ensure that all the swings and other equipments are adequately spaced. Children tend to stretch their arms, legs and head outside the swing area. Thus, lesser space between the two can be harmful for children.
  7. The surface of the playground is also an essential element in considering safety. The material and the technique used in preparing the playground surface should be soft and loosely packed. This provides a cushion-effect whenever the kid falls on ground. Greater cushion-effect means lesser injury.
  8. Last but not the least; parents should guide children about peculiar equipment safety rules. Each playground-equipment has its own usage style and children should follow it without any fail. Following indecent behavior may lead to higher risks.

In addition to the tips mentioned above, the parents should coordinate with the caretaker of the playground regarding the changes required within the playground. After all, it is the question about our children’s security only.

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