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Preschool Curriculum Development


Preschool Curriculum Development : – Incredibly interesting and well programmed, lesson plans in modern preschools are a novel way to let students know about various events, happenings and improve their awareness. Observing days like water conservation, festival and events improves participation and team spirit. Children are the future of tomorrow and hence it is wonderful to ignite the spark of curiosity with tangible as well as linguistic methods. Research supports that children learn well in a free and play way atmosphere where they are coached and guided to participate as a group. Sing along sessions are also conducted to encourage their language skills

Craft and art activities are also a unique way to improve their concentration. It also supports their spirit and makes them more attentive. A monthly theme program is also a great way to help them learn about animals, insects as well as their surroundings. A formal method of show and tell works well too. It is great to find that there are teaching aids to support the themes and concepts. Ready charts as well as poems are also an innovative way to improve their vocabulary and skills. Formal assessment sheets help in understanding the improvements made by the child and noting their excellence.

Flash card technique is a common method to help children improve their abilities. This is used for word games as well as for honing their numeric skills. Goodie bags, games and guided plans like cooking or festoon making. Motor skills and sensory skills are also improved with finger painting and stamping. Outdoor games or field trips are also scheduled to meet up with their milestones and satisfy their curiosity by making them more aware of their surroundings. Nature walk or observing a park or garden is also an interesting concept. We provide holistic curriculum for preschools and also cater to customized lesson plans.

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