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Preschool Supplies, Preschool Materials, and Evaluation Tools

Preschool supplies and evaluation tools are an integral part of the list of preschool materials. In addition to the official supplies, tools and playing equipments required for the preschoolers’ grooming, there are certain items that are required for having a quality time at preschool.

Every preschool provides a list of items that a preschooler needs to carry every day to the school. This includes certain essentials that the kid may require to perform the tasks and activities planned for the day. A tentative list may include:

–          An extra dress (to be changed, if required)

–          A set of diapers

–          A pair of scissors (for cutting related activities)

–          Glue (for pasting related activities)

–          Colors (for coloring related activities)

–          Some refreshments

–          School diary

–          Any item as requested by the teacher

(Note: Please note that this is just an indicative list. You are advised to check with your kid’s teacher for the specific list of item, as required).

You, as a parent are advised to carefully check the items before sending the kid to the school. Kids should be encouraged to handle the equipments carefully even when they are at home. This also ensures that the kid handles the equipments with caution and learns to take care of his belongings in the school. While at school, the teacher uses these items to teach and to make the kid learn and perform the activity.

Apart from the preschool supplies, as listed above, the teachers also need one more tool for assessing the kid’s performance at school. These are called evaluation tools. The teachers use evaluation tools for evaluating the child’s progress, twice a year. Commonly, the first assessment is carried during the initial months, soon after the admissions and the second evaluation is done at the end of the year.

During the evaluation, the teachers notice aggression, concentration power and social competence within the child. These observations are recorded in record-sheets, the results are analysed and then the progress of the children is discussed with the parents. The main idea is to have a positive change in the child’s behavior within the school year.

The evaluation tools are important because they help in evaluating the child progress in comparison to other students in the class. The results are also used in gauging the teacher’s performance as well. The preschool teachers are provided with feedback forms for collecting their views and suggestions. The preschool administrators use these performance metrics for gauging children, teacher and school policies progress during a school year.

Based on the analysis drawn from these evaluation tools, the school administration plans and takes adequate steps for the betterment of the school and the children both.

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