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Preschool Teaching Aids

Teaching aids are defined as different objects and tools used by the teachers while teaching students in the classroom. Preschool teachers use various kinds of preschool teaching aids to attract the children towards studying and for keeping them busy with different tasks as per the respective preschool curriculum.

Preschool teaching aids play a vital role in preschool curriculum. They help in keeping the kids enthusiastic about learning concepts. These teaching aids are available in various colours and different sizes to suit different needs and learning styles. Whether handheld or mounted on walls, these teaching aids make learning a fun filled experience and help in improving reading, writing and grasping skills. Kids perform various tasks as assigned to them repeatedly using these teaching aids and ultimately learn activities to perfection.

Not limiting to this, these teaching aids make the classroom environment lively and interactive. Kids have small retention power; using colorful and expressive teaching aids creates a strong image in the kids’ minds and hence improves the grasping and retention powers.

It has been observed that the kids respond positively to these teaching aids. Thus, today, the preschool owners and teachers invest a considerable amount of their budget and time in planning and procuring good quality and attractive teaching aids. You can either purchase or prepare your own collection of preschool teaching aids. There are three different kinds of preschool teaching aids available. This includes audio preschool teaching aids, video preschool teaching aids and audio-video preschool teaching aids.

Some of the examples of preschool teaching aids include:

Educational charts are one of the most easily available preschool teaching aids. They are used to represent the facts and information in an attractive manner. It may include text, tables, images, diagrams and flow charts. Some examples include charts on alphabets, numbers, body parts, tables etc. Educational charts can be either hand-made or printed also.

There is a variation of educational charts called flip-charts. These are small sized desktop charts spirally bound for easy maintenance and handling. The sheets are flipped one after other for having clarity of the concepts. These flip charts can be used individually or one flip chart can be used for each desk.

Flash cards are also one of the most popular preschool teaching aids. These are colourful set of cards that are used to improve the kid’s memory and retention power. They can be used as a memory game or reinforcing the concepts taught in class. They are an ideal selection for teaching colours, numbers, alphabets and likes.

The acceptance of music as a preschool teaching aid is pacing up. Educational CDs contain musical rhymes and poems especially targeting the preschoolers. The kids sing and dance on the music and perform tasks provided to them. These CDs are also used in skit performances during special celebrations.

Kids respond differently to the teaching aids according to their nature and behaviour. Hence, for confirming the children all round development, having a mix of various kinds of teaching aids that are colourful and expressive is the best bet.