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Project based learning activities for kindergarten

PROJECT BASED APPROACH curriculum for preschools in India

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If you believe that your child would thrive in a relatively unstructured and self-directed environment, a project-based preschool may be the right choice for your family. Project-based programs are designed to allow children to learn independently through exploration and experimentation, with a healthy dose of collaboration.


The modern project-based approach to learning is attributed to early childhood educator Lillian Katz, author of Engaging Children’s Minds: The Project Approach(1989), which outlined this teaching method.The flexible framework is believed to promote brain development by encouraging children to collaborate with each other and solve challenges as they arise throughout their project and the children become engaged in their own learning while educators serve as guides rather than instructors.


There is no right or wrong answer, which encourages children to take risks and embrace learning through creative thought as they are in charge of their choices — what, when and where.Lessons are enhanced with real-world connections, field trips and projects which encourages skill application and positive learning habits by attempting to make learning as pleasant, fun and self-motivated as possible. The goal is to give children the confidence to know that they can handle problems on their own.

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