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Setting up a creche in India

Opening A Creche In India

If you want to know how do I start or open baby creche centre or corporate day care in India, connect with us. We can advice you on the details and creche curriculum planning and complete set up.

Till July 2017, the guidelines for opening a crèche in India were not clearly laid out. However, now that the Ministry of Labor & Employment have extended the Mines Crèche Rules of 1966 to mine establishments that come under the Maternity Benefit Act, 1961 and having a minimum of 50 employees, the rules are likely to be enforced from this year. This will be done after taking into consideration suggestions and comments from the general public.

The Right to Education Act has made it mandatory for children between the ages of 6 – 14 to receive free education. Though this Act does not cover those below 6 years, the Early Childhood Education provisions clearly state the importance of providing education to children of this age group and the facilities to be maintained within playschools and crèches in India. The government has recognized that 16% of the population of India fall into this category and how vital it is to provide education for such children. Get in touch with us to understand how to run a creche business.

It is pertinent to note the provisions within the Crèche Rules that anybody seeking to open a crèche, baby creche centre, in India would have to follow:

a) A crèche has been defined as any room with provision for ancillary accommodation that children up to the age of 6 can use.
b) Four types of crèches as Type A, Type B, Type C and Type D have been categorized based on the number of women working in these crèches.
c) Every crèche has to be well ventilated, lit so as to provide protection from weather to the inmates.
d) The ceiling of the crèche should be a minimum of 4 metres high with cement or stone flooring.
e) The walls of the crèche have to lime-washed once every 6 months and the woodwork has to be treated once in 3 years.
f) Adequate sanitary facilities with hygiene have to be maintained.
g) The crèche shall remain open 24hrs.
h) The facilities of the crèche should be open only to children, the attendants working there and other supervisory staff only.
i) The number of minimum staff to run the crèche shall be fixed and there has to be a woman who would be in-charge. This woman should have successfully completed the crèche nurse training from a recognized institution.
j)Amenities that are mandatory to be provided in the crèche include first aid medicines, toys, clean drinking water, milk, cradles to name a few.
k) Every child of the creche has to be medically examined on a monthly basis. The nursing mothers shall undergo examination once in 2 months. Only qualified medical practitioners shall conduct such examinations. The records and findings of such examinations shall be diligently maintained in the format prescribed.
l) The latrines and bathrooms will have separate wash and dry areas.
m) A complaint/suggestions register will have to be maintained at the crèche.
n) The recruitment of staff and the curriculum to be followed will be specified and those running the crèche have to adhere to such guidelines strictly.