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Starting a Daycare in India

A day-care business is somewhat like a babysitting business. Working parents leave their kids with the caregivers for a given time. The kids spend quality time while in the day-care and parents come and collect the kids once done with their own chores. If you have any plans of starting a day-care business in India, this is must read for you. Please feel free to share this information with your contacts planning to start a day-care business anywhere in India.

Some people get confused between a preschool and a day-care center. These both are two different entities, often used interchangeably. A day-care is a facility for the kids to spend their daytime, whereas, a preschool is a facility wherein kids come to attend a school like atmosphere and learn and acquire skills and knowledge. This is not an obligation with the day-care.

Starting a day-care business involves lots of patience, love and passion with the kids. First, you need to finalise if you would like to start the business from your home or from a location outside the home. If it is going to be a work-from-home kind, then, finalize the room that you will be using check for the feasibility of number of children to plan to attend. In case, it is going to be outside the house, then, you need to finalise if it is going to be a self owned space or a rented space.

Next, check for the fund in hand. Although, this business does not require a lot of money but still, some amount is required in initial rounds for renovating the location, if required, for distributing staff salaries and for procuring toys for kids. Then, we need to check for the legal considerations. Although no formal legal permission is required but, having checked the parking lots, fire safety, neighborhood safety and food preparation standards, may be helpful in providing quality services to the kids. This will help in attracting more clients, more business and hence, reaping more benefits.

After this initial ground work, check for the actual need of a day-care center in your locality. If there are working couples in your area that do not have enough time to spend and take care of their child during the day hours, then it can be a viable business opportunity for you. Next, check the spending capacity of the parents in your locality. In case, they are affluent people ready to spend money then you may be heading towards a highly profitable venture. You can finalize your fees depending on the spending capacity of the families in your neighborhood.

Next, recruit the necessary staff and start promoting your business in your locality. You can make benefits of your own reputation and personal contacts for initial business. Use word of mouth promotion and provide quality services at economic price structure, business will come to you, automatically.

Once, your day-care business flourishes, you can plan to upgrade your day-care centre into a preschool for making more profits.

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