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Syllabus of Preschools in India

The syllabus of preschools in India is planned in such a way that it prepares the preschools with the school readiness. To put it in simple words, the syllabus entails various activities which when performed; improve different skills that are required in a kindergarten education.

The syllabus is developed based on the respective skill set. The following paragraphs provide information about the skills and respective activities covered in syllabus.

Any given preschool syllabus in India includes:

–          Gross motor skills: activities incorporating usage of large muscles of the body are called gross motor skills activities. These include activities including sitting, crawling, standing walking, jumping and posture control.

–          Fine motor skills: activities incorporating usage of fine muscles of the body are called fine motor skill activities. These include body movement in coordination with the eyes. This includes touching, grasping, cutting, pasting, working with mold, picking up objects and many more.

–          Pre-writing skills: these activities prepare the preschooler for holding pencil and balancing notebook or worksheets. The kids are provided with colorful worksheets. They are supposed to work with these worksheets as per the instructions given by the teacher present in the class.

–          Pre-reading skills: these activities prepare the preschooler for identifying the alphabets and their phonics. The teachers and parents make use of educational charts and illustrative lesson plans to make the children identify and speak the alphabet or the name of the object shown.

–          Pre-math skills: these activities prepare the preschooler for identifying the number and its value. In this case also, the teachers and parents use education charts and illustrations in lessons in printed preschool books.

–          Imagination and free play: these activities include storytelling time, wherein the teachers or the parents recite a story to the children using hand movements and facial gestures. This motivates the child to imagine the character and the scene in the story. The children also motivated to start and join in the conversation related to the story. This enhances their imagination and speaking skills.

–          Dancing and singing: the children are taught to dance and sing children rhymes. Sometimes, the teachers sing and dance along with the batch students or sometimes children dance on the tunes of the video in the computer. Through such activities children learn to balance and coordinate their body movements.

–          Games and gym: Children are also encouraged to play free of any barriers during the assigned time duration. They are also provided with gym equipments according to their age and height requirements. This helps in enhancing physical strength of the children.

–          Arts and Crafts: Children are also taught to draw, fill colours, fold paper and cutting and paper pasting activities.

–          Misc: Other topics covered include learning about animal names, colours, shapes, body parts and fruits and vegetables.

Please note that this article provides generic information and does not endorse syllabus of any said preschool. Readers and researchers are advised to consult the experts on their panel for a deeper understanding and inclusion of activities in their preschool syllabus.

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