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Te whariki curriculum framework

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Te Whaariki is the curriculum for early childhood care and education in New Zealand and was created in 1996. TeWhaariki translates from the Maori language as “a mat for all to stand on” and is particularly apt for such a country of diverse cultures as New ZealandThere are two crucial principles on which Te Whaariki is based. Firstly, there is scope for deliverers of childhood education to develop their own unique programme within the Te Whaariki framework to suit local cultural traditions and environments.

Secondly, it is equally adaptable to cater for the interests and aspirations of the child or children attending the early childhood service.

TheTeWhaariki curriculum is fundamentally based on the empowerment of children.In practice, the implementation of the Te Whaariki curriculum often differs from centre to centre across communities.

The most notable achievement of the TeWhaariki curriculum te whariki 2017 is that it challenges teachers to adjust their teaching style to ensure that children’s and parents’ aspirations are recognised. In doing so, it facilitates a stimulating and rewarding learning journey for both teachers and students alike.

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