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Waldorf curriculum for Preschools

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Founded in the early 20th century, Waldorf Education is based on the insights, teachings and principles of education outlined by the world renowned artist, and scientist, Rudolf Steiner.The Steiner system is where children can find the joy in learning and experience the richness of childhood rather than early academic hot-housing.

The Waldorf curriculum itself is a flexible set of pedagogical guidelines, founded on Steiner’s principles that take account of the whole child as it gives equal attention to the physical, emotional, intellectual, cultural and spiritual needs of each child.

The core subjects of the curriculum are taught in thematic blocks and all lessons include a balance of artistic, practical and intellectual content and it works irrespective of academic ability, class, ethnicity or religion;Is respected worldwide for its ability to produce very able young people who have a strong sense of self and diverse capacities that enable them to become socially and economically responsible citizens.


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